1. Let’s work like you are on vacation

The co-working space at Kawagishi Warehouse can be used by following people:

Freelancers in Japan

People who come to Japan on business:
>>Business people who would like to have a work station beside their hotel room.

People who stay in Japan on long vacation
>>people who would like to manage or promote their home countries business in Japan via telecommunication Internet cafe.

People who would like to register an address and set up a satellite office in Japan.

If you become a booth rental member, you can get an address in Japan and use it as a Japanese branch office.
>>Please acknowledge that there are conditions to renting booths.

If you want to promote or expand your sales in Japan

If you visit Kawagishi Warehouse, our staff will listen to you and offer to help find the right people for you to consult. Japan might be an unfamiliar country for you but you are not alone.

People who come to Japan on vacation but don’t get the opportunity to talk to Japanese and feel alone.

We think it’s a pity if you come all the way to Japan and leave without even once properly talking to Japanese people. If you visit Kawagishi Warehouse, our staff will be happy to have a chat with you and point out spots and places you should definitely visit.



The open and bright private booth area creates a relaxed working environment. Five available booths are ready for you to start!

>>Booths are limited to monthly rental plans only. Please contact us for further information.

Private Booth inside

Example of a private booth. All booths are equipped with everything you need to start working – desk, chair, lockable drawers, shelves and of course WI-FI  connection.

>>Booth use is subject to investigation.
Seminar Space(Free Address)

Our colorful seminar space is great for having presentations, gatherings of a large group of people or even parties. It’s up to you!

>>The seminar space and the meeting room can be rented hourly. Please contact us for fees and information.

Meeting Space

Our natural themed meeting room can be used to have meetings or presentations in a small circle. Equipped with white board, beamer, air conditioning and internet, meetings will become a breeze.


>>For more information, please contact us via our contact form.