2. Let’s Experience Japan!

Everybody who came to Japan on holidays, why don’t you take some trial lessons suggested by us, the Kawagishi Warehouse staff?

Let’s experience Japan together!

For example….

Japanese pub experience, Japanese pottery class, Japanese tea ceremony, Calligraphy class, cooking class etc…

Sports (Running, Tennis, Futsal, Basketball etc…) and so on.

If you have anything you want to try out, please contact us.



Japanese pubs are called izakaya in Japanese. We know, it’s a bit intimidating visiting one alone if you don’t speak Japanese. To make your experience an enjoyable one, we are happy to accompany on your adventure to a real izakaya!


Tachinomi izakaya is a Japanese style bar where customers drinking while standing.

These bars, where you pay your bill at the shopfront with small coins and stand while drinking, date back to the Edo period and are still deeply rooted to Japanese drinking culture.
Tachinomi izakaya are much cheaper than regular izakaya.

Pottery making_1 Pottery making_2

Japanese pottery dates back many thousand years. Let’s get our hands dirty and create unique souvenirs to bring back home!

Yukata_2 Yukata_1

Many tourist coming to Japan would love to try on a Japanese yukata or kimono. If you are lost on where to get to wear one, we’ve got you covered.

Bonsai, Japanese miniature trees, gained a lot of popularity abroad in the past few years.
We can teach you how to take care of one yourself.

We can offer you a tour of the Omiya Bonsai garden in Saitama city.

temaki sushi

Japanese temaki sushi makes a great party food! Why not try learning how to make them for your next party at home?


Ikebana is Japanese flower arrangement. In Japan it’s mostly used to decorate Japanese style reception rooms but let’s be honest – it would look great everywhere!

Japanese tea ceremony_matcha

If you have never tried a real Japanese tea ceremony, you should! Nowhere else in the world so much thought and detail is put into making a cup of green tea.


Sake, or Japanese rice liquor, is popular in many countries but nowhere else you can find this big of a selection. Let’s have a sake tasting in our facility!

Tsute Fude

Not only among foreigners, but also among Japanese, calligraphy classes are very popular. A beautiful piece of Japanese writing doesn’t only make a nice decoration in your home but also a unique present.

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