3. Parties and lectures in our renting space

For people who want to:

Have a cozy home-style party in Japan

Hold food sampling events about, for example, different Bento styles or Vegetarian/Vegan/Macrobiotic food

Hold lectures in Japan

Want to have a space to introduce products

and so on..


bento style

There are many different styles of Japanese lunch boxes or bento.
While adults might enjoy a sophisticated bento like this one..


party image_1_seminar space

Not only can we help you with your lunch box, presentation or lecture, on request we are also happy to host your party including catering.

for promotion1

Our staff will make sure your experience  at our space will be a pleasant and memorable one.


lecture in seminar spaceプレゼンテーションイメージ

As you can see quite some people fit in our seminar room. It makes a great space for presentations, lectures, parties and courses.


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