4. Around Kawagishi Warehouse


Hi, my name is Mari Kubota. I am an Austrian girl, living in Toda-Kōen. The first two years of my time in Japan I stayed in two different places in the city center of Tokyo. I loved the city life and I never wanted to leave. But honestly, after two years of noise, bad air and hectic lifestyle I was stressed out and longing for a more quiet surrounding. That was when my (now) husband and I decided to move to the outskirts of Tokyo. We wanted to have children and it was important to me that they could play outside, get dirty, find insects and chase fireflies and not be surrounded by grey skyscrapers. After some research and friends recommendations we decided on Toda-Kōen. It’s the perfect match. Only one station into Saitama prefecture, only 20 minutes to Shinjuku station without transfer, very child-friendly, all stores and shops you need plus more and a great balance between nature and city. You have the little more busier station with newly built shops and cafes, the river side of the Arakawa river which makes a great place for a run or walk, sports grounds scattered around the city as well as libraries, beauty salons and a great diversity of restaurants.

For myself, my family, and as I look around, many other families, Toda-Kōen is a great place to live. Please don’t hesitate visiting us, it’s really a lovely place!

Boat course

Todakoen is famous for it’s boat race and rowing course used in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. You can still see boat races in the far back while the front area is now designated for several Japanese universities rowing activities.

Arakawa River running course

The river banks of the Arakawa river are popular among Todas citizen for walks, runs or picnics.
In August there is a big firework event held along the river which many thousand people visit each year.

Arakawa River bank_sakura

The shade under the cherry trees along the boat race and rowing course is a hot spot for picnics with friends and family and very popular in the warmer months.

Arakawa River bank

But especially during cherry blossom season many people gather here to have a drink, snacks and enjoy the beautiful view.

Conveniently located between Todakoen station and the boat race course as well as the Arakawa river, Toyoko Inn Hotel is a great choice for your stay in Todakoen.


Kawagishi Warehouse shared office & coworking space

3-7-20 Kawagishi,Toda-shi,Saitama
6 minutes walk from Toda-Kōen Station (JR Saikyo Line)


34 minutes with Ueno-Tokyo Line from JR Tokyo Station via Akabane Station

27 minutes with Takasaki, Utsunomiya or Keihin-Tohoku Line from JR Ueno Station via Akabane

27 minutes from Shibuya station, 22 minutes from Shinjuku station or 16 minutes from Ikebukuro Station with JR Saikyo Line (no transfer necessary)

>>>Please use local or rapid trains.
>>>Be careful, Commuter Rapid trains do NOT stop at Toda-Kōen Station.