Dear people from Europe, the USA, and around the world,

For those who are thinking of coming to the Tokyo area (Tokyo and Tokyo Metropolitan Area) to study or work,
If you are coming to the Tokyo area, why not stay at the Hollow Apartments?
Why not live in one of our apartments?
The courtyard is a pocket of the city, where residents, friends and passers-by can communicate with each other in the Hollow Courtyard.
Room specifications include gas dryer, washing machine and TV as furnishings. The rooms are studio type. The shower unit and washbasin/hand basin are functional and safe enough to prevent infections.
The location is a short walk from Todakouen station on the Saikyo Line. Although it is not in the centre of Tokyo but in a so-called ‘bedroom town’, the nearest station, Todakouen Station, is 21 minutes from Shinjuku Station, 15 minutes from Ikebukuro Station, 30 minutes from Shibuya Station and 34 minutes from Tokyo Station. (Shortest time).
The standard of living for many Japanese people is actually commuting to work and school in the city centre from the bedroom town.
Please contact us for more information, to make an application or to visit the property for a preview.
For more information, please contact Cleon. (link)

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Information of the Toda Koen City:

Access to major stations

Destination station name Required time Number of transfers
Shinjuku approximately 22 minutes, no transfers
Shibuya Approximately 26 minutes (Rapid) No transfers
Akabane approximately 8 minutes, no transfers
Omiya approximately 15 minutes (Rapid) No transfers
Musashi Urawa approximately 7 minutes, no transfers

The Saikyo Line also connects directly to the Rinkai Line, so
No transfers from Osaki/Oimachi to Tokyo Teleport (Odaiba).
On the other side, the Kawagoe Line also runs directly through the station, so you can go to Kawagoe without changing trains.
The Saikyo Line is an extremely convenient line that ranks first and second in Saitama Prefecture.


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